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Extractions | Los Gatos Family Dentistry

If you have a tooth that is broken or has suffered too much damage from tooth decay to repair, our Los Gatos extraction services may be what you need. With a tooth extraction, we remove the damaged tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. We can then advise you on cosmetic dentistry procedures or other options that can help restore your smile.

There are two types of Los Gatos tooth extractions we offer, and the one we choose depends on the condition of the tooth being extracted. If the tooth can still be seen in the mouth above the gumline, we can perform a simple extraction in which Dr. Phan loosens the tooth and then lifts it out with forceps.

If the tooth has broken off below the gum line or never erupted, such as in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, a surgical extraction is necessary. An incision is made to remove the tooth.

Whether you need a simple or surgical procedure, our Los Gatos tooth extractions meet your needs, relieve the pain and discomfort that an impacted or damaged tooth can cause, and help get you closer to having the smile you want. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Phan!

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