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Metal Free Fillings | Los Gatos Family Dentistry

When you think of dental fillings, do you think of dull, discolored gray pieces of metal? It doesn’t have to be that way. At Los Gatos Family Dentistry, we use tooth colored composite resin as the material of choice for our Los Gatos metal free tooth fillings.

Metal fillings tend to discolor the tooth over time, eventually giving it a dull, gray appearance. Our Los Gatos tooth colored metal free fillings, on the other hand, are available in a wide selection of shades, allowing Dr. Phan to place a natural looking filling that revitalizes your smile without discoloring your teeth. 

Better yet, the benefits of our Los Gatos metal free dental fillings go beyond their cosmetic advantages. Because they are bonded to your tooth, our tooth colored fillings can also help strengthen weakened tooth structure and require less tooth structure to be removed compared to metal fillings.

At Los Gatos Family Dentistry, applying conservative techniques to preserve your teeth is what we do every day. Ask us about how our Los Gatos mercury free fillings can safely and beautifully strengthen and repair your teeth!

Metal-Free Fillings: Aesthetic Restorations

According to a report released by the U.S. Surgeon General in 2000, approximately 78 percent of Americans experience a dental cavity by the age of 17. Left untreated, even the smallest of cavities has the potential to worsen, gradually deteriorating the enamel of the tooth until bacteria reach the nerves in the roots. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively treat a cavity before this occurs. With metal-free fillings, Dr. Phan and the team at Los Gatos Family Dentistry can repair teeth damaged by decay in a way that blends seamlessly with the rest of your dentition.

Advantages of Metal-Free Fillings

Prior to the advent of aesthetically pleasing restorations, dental fillings were traditionally made with an amalgam of various metals. These metals included silver, copper, tin, and mercury. While these amalgam fillings – often referred to simply as “silver fillings” – were effective, they did present a few problems that warranted the invention of something better. Their metallic composition, for example, meant that changes in temperature could negatively affect their size and shape. They could expand when exposed to extreme cold and contract when faced with heat, ultimately causing small fissures within the teeth. Their unnatural appearance was also seen as a mark against them, particularly as patients and their dentists began to see the advantages of cosmetic dentistry as the new standard. Teeth treated with metal fillings were dark and unsightly, and patients who were forced to have one located near the front of their mouths often avoided smiling.

Fortunately, tooth-colored fillings have become the preferred method used in the treatment of cavities. Also called metal-free fillings and composite resin fillings, these lifelike restorations eliminate the need for metallic alloys when treating a decayed tooth. Composite fillings can be specifically color-matched by Dr. Phan, ensuring that your filling is detectable by only your dentist. The material used to create this type of dental filling does not react to changes in temperature, so there is no concern over possible damage to tooth enamel. Patients are no longer exposed to potentially hazardous metals; composite resin fillings have been proven exceptionally safe and effective.

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Whether you are currently in need of a new filling to repair a decayed tooth or you’d simply like to learn more about our aesthetic and restorative options, we invite you to contact our office today. Our team is dedicated to your comfort, safety, and lifelong oral health, and we’ll always work with you to develop customized treatment plans that fit your lifestyle. Dr. Phan looks forward to providing you with exceptional restorative dentistry solutions, including metal-free fillings.

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