Emergency Dental Care

Usually, dental needs are the kind of health care that can be scheduled ahead of time and taken care of during a regular office visit. But at Los Gatos Family Dentistry, we know that life doesn't always play by the rules!

Teeth can become loose, broken, or knocked out in sports games, accidents, and all sorts of other ways. And other dental emergencies can also arise that need immediate attention. When you need emergency dental care in Los Gatos, give our office a call right away!

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency

When you have severe tooth pain or have had an accident that affects your teeth, it can be hard to know what to do. You may have trouble deciding whether it's a dental matter that could wait until the next day, or if it's a more serious issue that requires immediate emergency dental care. We're here to help you, whether you have a fractured tooth or a toothache that just won't go away and seems to be getting worse.

Several situations qualify as a dental emergency: Losing a tooth due to an accident, having a fractured tooth, and serious gum infections that require pain relief all qualify.

What to Do If You Lose a Tooth

If you've lost a tooth due to an accident while playing sports, in a car accident, or any unexpected event, it's crucial to keep the tooth moist and clean.

If a tooth does get knocked out, try to reinsert it and hold it in place until you can get to our office. If it fell on the ground and became dirty, rinse it with water before trying reinsertion, but be careful not to rub off any of the tissues that may be attached to the tooth. Then try to reinsert it in its socket.

If it is impossible to reinsert the tooth, hold it under your tongue until you can get to us Los Gatos Fam emergency dental care. If you can do that, there's a much better chance that we can save your tooth. Our dentists are pros at handling every emergency dental situation, and we're here for you when you need urgent care.

Severe Gum Infections

Certain infections can be life-threatening if left untreated. If your jaw, mouth, or gums are swollen, call us right away. Some infections can spread through your body quickly without proper treatment. If you have a severe toothache accompanied by swelling, please contact us right away.

Not every toothache or swelling calls for emergency care as the soft tissues of your gums may have been affected by gingivitis or a cold sore. But if you have mouth pain of any kind, you should contact Los Gatos Family Dentistry for an appointment so we can help resolve your dental pain

Signs of a Tooth Fracture

Toothaches and sensitive teeth can be a sign of a fractured tooth. When a tooth is fractured, you may not even realize it until the pain hits you. Over-the-counter pain relief medications may solve your problem for a while, but your fracture will only get worse over time. If your gums are swollen, you may even have an infection.

Call Us with Your Dental Emergency

Don't wait until your dental discomfort turns into a dental emergency. Call us to schedule an appointment for your oral health today. We serve the communities of Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Monte Sereno, Los Altos, and beyond. Our compassionate staff is multilingual, so we speak your language. Let us provide the emergency dental care you need, right when you need it!