Tooth Extraction

Our role as dentists is to preserve and protect all of your teeth for as long as possible with preventive and restorative dentistry. But in some cases, if we have exhausted all options to save the tooth, removing it may be the healthiest and safest option.

At Los Gatos Family Dentistry, we understand that the prospect of tooth extraction can be daunting. Rest assured that our dental team will do everything possible to ensure that your procedure is stress-free and as comfortable as possible.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

We don’t ever take the removal of a tooth lightly and will only do so when the tooth becomes unrepairable or threatens your overall oral health. Some common reasons Dr. Phan might recommend tooth extraction at our Los Gatos dental office are:

  • A tooth is too decayed for a crown or filling
  • A tooth has already has been filled several times
  • A tooth has broken off below the gum line
  • An infected tooth can’t be saved with a root canal
  • A tooth is stuck or impacted in the gums
  • Teeth need to be removed to prepare for dentures

If we determine that you need to have a tooth extraction, Dr. Phan will show you digital x-rays and intraoral photos so you can see the problem yourself. She will explain why she recommends it and how the procedure will benefit your long-term oral health.

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions

With a tooth extraction, we remove the damaged tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. There are two types of tooth extractions we offer or Los Gatos patients, and the one we choose depends on the condition of the tooth we need to remove:

  1. Simple extraction: If the tooth can still be seen in the mouth above the gum line, we can perform a simple extraction in which Dr. Phan loosens the tooth and then lifts it out with forceps.
  2. Surgical extraction: If the tooth has broken off below the gum line or never erupted, such as in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, a surgical extraction is necessary. Dr. Phan must make an incision to remove the tooth, which is why the procedure is considered surgical in nature.

After the extraction site heals, we will be happy to advise you on options for tooth replacement, including bridges, full and partial dentures, and dental implants. 

Tooth Extraction at Los Gatos Family Dentistry

Whether you need a simple or surgical procedure, contact Dr. Phan to schedule a consultation. We will provide the gentle and compassionate care you need to have a stress-free experience. A tooth extraction will relieve the pain and discomfort that an impacted or damaged tooth can cause, and help get you closer to having the smile you want.