Full & Partial Dentures

When you hear the word “dentures,” do you immediately think of the full dentures your grandparents had? Maybe they looked fake or unnatural, or you even remember awkward moments when their dentures slipped out of place.

Modern Dentures for All Ages

Fortunately, modern dentures at Los Gatos Dentistry are a far cry from those you probably remember from your grandparents’ day. Modern dentures can be full or partial and are easier than ever to match to your existing teeth for a natural look. 

You may automatically associate dentures with the older generation, but tooth loss is common for all ages, and even patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can benefit from dentures. Anyone who has missing teeth may be a good candidate for tooth replacement with full or partial dentures.

Dr. Patricia Phan will customize your dentures for a comfortable fit, and a look so natural that nobody but you and your dentist will know that they’re not your real teeth.

Full & Partial Dentures in Los Gatos

Like a dental bridge, dentures replace missing teeth. Unlike bridges, which are permanent, dentures can be removed from your mouth and replaced. 

When you come to Los Gatos Family Dentistry to replace missing teeth, we will help you determine if dentures are right for you. If you are missing a few teeth, Dr. Phan would recommend a partial, and if you are missing all upper teeth, lower teeth, or both, full dentures would be the right choice for you. Full dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base that fits over your own gums, while partial dentures are designed to fit in and around remaining teeth to complete your smile. 

Why You May Need Full or Partial Dentures

A full smile with natural-looking replacement teeth is much more confidence-boosting than one with missing or damaged teeth, but dentures aren’t just important for looks. They can also help ensure that your existing dental problems do not evolve into more serious problems that may result in the loss of more teeth. 

There are many other reasons why people might need full or partial dentures. Tooth loss can be caused by gum disease, tooth decay or severe periodontal disease. Some people have missing or damaged teeth because of an accident. Whatever the reason, if enough of your natural teeth are damaged or missing that you have difficulty speaking clearly or eating your favorite foods, well-fitting dentures can restore the look and function of your teeth.

Benefits of Full and Partial Dentures

You might be surprised at just how much natural-looking prosthetic teeth can boost your confidence. When a lot of your natural teeth are missing, the face can take on a sunken look that dentures can correct by lending support to the facial muscles. 

Not only do they look more attractive, but well-fitting dentures help you speak more clearly and also make it easier to eat a wider variety of foods -- not just soft foods and liquids. With regular denture cleaning and proper care, dentures can help support your oral health and even prevent further damage from occurring.

The Process of Getting Dentures

Getting full dentures is easier than it may seem, although it may involve making 4-6 trips to your dentist. At the first appointment, the dentist will take measurements of your jaw and at the same time check the size, color, and shape of your teeth, as well as your biting ability. At the second appointment, the dentist will extract your teeth. You will have a temporary denture to wear during the healing process, which can take a month or two to heal completely. Finally, you’ll be fitted for your removable dentures.

With partial dentures, much of the process is the same as for full dentures: Measurements or impressions are taken, damaged teeth are extracted, and the dentist makes a note of the color and look of your existing teeth. But with partial dentures, acrylic or metal clasps are used to attach the partial denture to the remaining teeth, which act as an anchor. There will be a test run with temporary dentures as a temporary solution before the permanent dental appliance is fitted and while the gums are healing from any necessary tooth extractions. 

Whichever type of denture you receive, you may need to have a follow-up appointment or two as necessary to adjust the fit.

How to Care for Your Dentures

How you care for your partial or complete dentures is as important as how you care for your natural teeth! Removing and cleaning dentures after eating is important for removing trapped food particles and maintaining proper oral health. You should also brush your dentures daily, use the denture cleaner your dentist recommends, and keep visiting your dentist for regular appointments to make sure your gums, teeth and replacement teeth stay clean and in great shape.

Whether you need partial or full dentures, you’ll find that dentures have come a long way since your grandparents’ false teeth. Dr. Phan creates dentures that look, feel and function like a natural part of your mouth.


Dentures Customized for Your Smile

Whichever we choose, Dr. Phan will take plenty of time with you to plan the look of your dentures. From the shade, shape, and size of each artificial tooth to their position in the acrylic base, your dentures will look beautifully natural. 

Whichever option is right for you, the first step is to take impressions of your mouth that we send to a custom dental lab, along with our specifications for the look of your dentures. The laboratory will create a wax mockup of your dentures that we will use to refine their look, fit, and feel. 

The goal is to create a set of final dentures that meet and exceed your expectations.

Call to Schedule a Dentures Consultation

Full and partial dentures have helped millions of people regain the look and function of a healthy smile, and we know they can help you too. 

If you think our Los Gatos denture care might be the right solution for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Phan. Our denture care services can help you have a more beautiful, natural, and functional smile!